I'm very new to Ubuntu server and I'm just experimenting with IRC eggdrop bots. I would like to download a TCL file from http://www.egghelp.org/tclhtml/3478-4-0-31-1.htm I know that wget is the command to download something from a website but every time I try to use wget with the specific URL I can't get the file I want. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


All tcl files are zipped on that page and downloads are http redirect. So for example, i'm going to download !Ping TCL from this page: http://www.egghelp.org/tclhtml/3478-4-0-0-1.htm using wget

First, I copied the link address by right clicking on !Ping link and then:

wget -O Ping.zip "http://www.egghelp.org/cgi-bin/tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=1175"

hope this help.

see man wget for more wget help.

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