I have two drives and I want it so that the ssd drive is only for Ubuntu boot. Nothing saved on it, not even system files just have it boot from ssd and I have a hdd to put storage and any other stuff. how would I go about doing that?


2 Options:

Option One:

I would remove the HDD, install Ubuntu on the SSD, and once the installation is done, connect the HDD again. Open Disks from Dash, and partition and format the HDD if needed.

Image below is instructional only

enter image description here

Option Two:

Now if you want to have /home on the HDD, then leave the drive connected, and choose Something else, and assign /home to the HDD, or maybe /data

enter image description here

enter image description here


when you install ubuntu, choose "somehing else" install ubuntu, "/" on the ssd and "/home" on the hhd, you can look this link http://www.howtogeek.com/116742/how-to-create-a-separate-home-partition-after-installing-ubuntu/ it show you how to do to other partition, but it work too for other driver,

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