This might seem a really stupid question. I have windows 8 in my laptop. I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 alongside it. My hard drive is supposed to have 20gb unallocated space in it to install Ubuntu. Now I am in the installation phase. And I can't seem to find it. Now there is a window which says installation type. there are options like dev/sda1, dev/sda2 dev/sda3 etc. But I can't seem to understand which one to select. Please help me. And thanks in advance.


Partitions are numbered from 1; sda1, sda2, etc. sda1 is probably your windows partition, and sda refers to the whole disk (physical). So sda would be the first physical Disk, sdb the second, and so on.

sda1 would be the first partition, the second partition would be sda2, and so on.

Since you set aside a 20GB partition, look for the sadx that has 20GB unallocated space.

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