I have a home server that I need to access via remote desktop, and I want to leave the server there without a monitor hooked up to it. Everyday the server turns off and turns back on. There is no monitor installed.

I find that my 12.04 64 bit installation, when booted without the monitor plugged in, just hangs on a screen that says the system will start in low-resolution mode. It never actually starts up the desktop environment, which is what I need. So it is impossible for me to remote desktop to the server after it is started. This is the problem.

When I reboot with a monitor installed, the desktop session starts and everything is fine.

Is there a way I can configure the system to run the desktop session after every boot without a monitor installed?

I have looked around the net quite a bit. This question mentions that the desired behavior worked in 12.04, but I do NOT have this experience.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


i hope i understood that correctly, have a look at this post

sudo service lightdm start

"BillR" is telling something , that it is possible to boot only in text mode, or only in graph. mode.

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  • This is true, but that post explains how to make Ubuntu start in command line only mode, not desktop only mode... – jeffery_the_wind Aug 5 '13 at 12:47

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