It looks like my fan in my laptop is not turning on when appropriate. I already removed granola (maybe it disables it far too long?)

When I put the computer in sleep mode and resume it immediately turns on the fan (the cpu was waaaaay overheated). So the question is: why does it not turn on when needed.

There are multiple issues here: Why, and how to diagnose this issue? How can I control when the fan should turn on, how do I test that the code is turning on my fan, how do I turn on the fan manually through a command if all hell breaks lose?


It appears it may have been granola. After removing it it seems the fan does turn on, as I hear it working at low speeds at the moment.

Will experiment more, though I can still use help finding out how to diagnose the problem anyways just incase it was not granola and instead a random issue.

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  • Have not had problems since the removal of Granola. Will contact them to try to resolve this, or diagnose it. – Dmitriy Likhten Aug 31 '10 at 20:55

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