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Actually I have several questions here, but the main problem I want to solve is that, I need to run wine1.6 on my amd64 machine, which installed Kubuntu 12.10 for now.

First thing I noticed was that, wine1.6 asked for installing wine1.6-i386 as well. I asked corresponding questions here, and in kubuntu forum. My conclusion was that, in order to install wine1.6-i386, I also need to install a lot of :i386 packages, like libc6:i386, libgstreamer0.10:i386, and so on. Is that correct?

Then, if it is correct, I got problems installing libc:i386. I added multiarch settings using:

dpkg --add-architecture i386

and added [arch=amd64,i386] after "deb " in all my source.list configuration files. Of course I remembered to run:

apt-get update

Then I tried to

apt-get install wine1.6 wine1.6-i386 wine1.6-amd64

and put all the i386 packages it requested after this install commands.

Now I got error messages like:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
libc6 : Breaks: libc6:i386 (!= 2.17-0ubuntu5) but 2.15-0ubuntu20.1 is to be installed
libc6:i386 : Breaks: libc6 (!= 2.15-0ubuntu20.1) but 2.17-0ubuntu5 is to be installed
libgl1-mesa-glx : Breaks: libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 (!= 9.1.3-0ubuntu0.3) but 9.0.3-0ubuntu0.4 is to be installed
libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 : Breaks: libgl1-mesa-glx (!= 9.0.3-0ubuntu0.4) but 9.1.3-0ubuntu0.3 is to be installed


It looks like the amd64 and i386 versions didn't match.

Installing ia32-libs and ia32-libx-multiarch I got the same problem, since it asked for libc:i386.

I have no idea how to go on. Please help me. Thank you very much.

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I found the answer... at least a solution for me.

Can't install wine (or ia32-libs) in Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit

I don't need to remove my ppas. Using /etc/apt/preferences to assign Pin-Priority would solve the dependencies problems while installing wine-i386. However, in some of my machines it would remove almost all kde packages and I need to re-install them back after installing i386 packages.

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