I accidentally made my DPI settings really really large and now I can't change them back to a smaller setting because it's so large that it's not visible on my screen to fix it. Is there a way to correct DPI settings in the Command Line???

edit: Font DPI


To change the Font DPI in the terminal (default is 1.0)

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface text-scaling-factor 1.0

If you are talking about changing the screen DPI then you can follow the directions for:

How to find and change the screen DPI?


If you're using Linux Mate DE, this worked for me:

dconf write "/org/mate/desktop/font-rendering/dpi" "132.0"

The decimal place is very important, for some reason it won't work without it. It will set it to default value.

Also if you wanna read the existing values:

dconf read "/org/mate/desktop/font-rendering/dpi"
dconf list "/org/mate/desktop/font-rendering/"

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