Probably I could read it somewhere, but couldn't find anywhere.

In Windows 7, I have had two partitions ("Disk C" and "Disk D"). After installing dual-boot Ubuntu, I can access disk C under /media/Windows, which is what I expect: disks are mounted under /media. My two external hard drives are also found there. However, disk D is mysteriously mounted as /host. Why? Can I change it (to put disk D under /media as well)?

With MountManager 0.2.6: both disks C and D are ntfs-3g.


It's mounting to /host because your windows "D:" partition is "hosting" your root.disk file, which contains your root filesystem (since you are using Wubi, your root filesystem is stored in a file on an ntfs partition).

1: No, you can't reasonably change this, though you can make a symlink from /media/foo to /host

2: Wubi does not currently support this configuration (having the root.disk on a partition other than "C:") properly and therefore Your Ubuntu install will fail to boot at some point in the future. Likely it will happen when you try to upgrade to the next major release of Ubuntu, but it could happen sooner.

I recommend that you back up all the data currently in your Wubi install, uninstall Wubi via Windows Add/Remove programs, and install Ubuntu in a normal dual boot configuration by booting from an Ubuntu LiveCD/USB and running the installer there.

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