I have installed an application for data recovery called "R studio" (rstudio 2.0.377). Now I want to install another unrelated application for an IDE of R programming language also called "R studio" (rstudio 0.97.551), by opening its .deb file in software center, but the software center says "A later version already installed", and I can't find a way to proceed. How can I install them both on my Ubuntu 12.04? Thanks!

  • I have this exact same problem :)
    – ako
    Aug 1, 2013 at 5:56

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As far as I can see both deb install different files and folder... but the problem could be that these applications have the same name in the "control" file under the debian package.

You can try changing the name of the package, open a Terminal when you have the deb package and type the following:

  • Unpack the rstudio-0.97.551-amd64.deb in a temp folder.

dpkg-deb -x rstudio-0.97.551-amd64.deb tempdeb

dpkg-deb --control rstudio-0.97.551-amd64.deb tempdeb/DEBIAN

  • Go to the tempdeb/DEBIAN folder en edit the file "control" and change the name of the package from "rstudio" to "rstudio-ide"

gedit tempdeb/DEBIAN/control

enter image description here

  • Repack the .deb, in this case with other name.

dpkg -b tempdeb new-rstudio-ide-0.97.551-amd64.deb

  • As the Web site says.. you need to install r-base

sudo apt-get install r-base

  • Then you can install the new deb package

sudo dpkg -i new-rstudio-ide-0.97.551-amd64.deb

You should have both applications installed and running...

enter image description here

enter image description here

To remove this package use this command:

sudo dpkg --purge rstudio-ide

Hope this will helpful.

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