i have the amd mobility radeon hd 4250 graphics card and i am running ubuntu 12.04 now it will install my graphics card either via the command line or by going to the amd website and downloading it i am running the 64bit ubuntu but when i install the graphics driver it installs but then says there was a problem and when i go to open my catalyst control center it says that the graphics driver was not installed properly and i did download the 64bit driver because that is what my computer is a 64 bit...and the problem also persists as in i cannot get my compiz to work and also it doesnt show any of the effects i had before compiz such as the simple opening and closing....and i had to reinstall ubuntu on my computer after uninstalling the graphics card....i have looked and cannot seem to find anything...i know amd pulled the plug on the 4,000 series radeon hd in the 13.04 ubuntu and up....can someone who knows more about this than i do because am a linux noob and proud of it i only recently started using linux full time on my laptop....but can someone please help me fix this problem to where it all will work better than it does when i try...any help would greatly be apprecieated


You should use the Legacy Catalyst driver, AMD no longer support the HD2xxx/3xxx/4xxx series cards with newer drivers. By the way I would continue to use the open source radeon drivers, much less pain in my experience (for anything but gaming).

Anyway, the Legacy drivers can be simply installed using jockey as far as I know.

  • yeah i remember when they pulled the plug wierd thing is cylon linux will install my graphics driver and everything will work as intended its just with all the compiz effects it gets a little graphically straining..which is why i installed the gnome desktop via the software center on my ubuntu 13.04 and was just gonna try a simple effect or two such as minimize maximize and the menu just coming into view nothing fancy...but i just wonder if clyon which is based from ubuntu 12.04 will take my graphics card then why wont the actually ubuntu take my grapcis card very odd – Jewelz Hakaru Jul 26 '13 at 13:18

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