I installed Ubuntu 13.04. Then I installed too KDE Plasma Environment. Then I removed KDE. Everything went fine. I can now log with Ubuntu (Unity).

Only (small) remaining problem: on the boot page (Grub), the command line does not show "Ubuntu 13.04" but "Kubuntu 13.04". Is there a way to fix this little inconvenience? Thanks in advance.


Default value of variable GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR is set to
lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian by /etc/default/grub script while generating grub.cfg.

Check your /etc/default/grub.d/ directory for scripts which could overwrite this variable.

In my case it was /etc/default/grub.d/50_kubuntu.cfg which has been created by KDE Plasma Environment so I deleted it and generated grub.cfg again.

To solve this problem, simply type into terminal:

sudo rm /etc/default/grub.d/50_kubuntu.cfg
sudo update-grub
  • Nice answer, but could you expand your answer and explain what happens as you do this, it may help people with a similar problem in the future. Jul 29 '13 at 16:27
  • I edited my answer so I hope it will help better understand why it happens..
    – JOndra91
    Jul 30 '13 at 1:12

Just run in a terminal the following command:

sudo update-grub

If still the problem persist, run:

sudo sed -i 's/Kubuntu/Ubuntu/g' /boot/grub/grub.cfg

You can also see:

  • Thanks for supporting. The first command (sudo update-grub) did not change anything. The second command (sudo sed -i 's/Kubuntu/Ubuntu/g' /boot/grub/grub.cfg) changed the line in the "Grub page" (Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu) but the following page is still displaying "Kubuntu 13.04". After this, I reach normally the login page.
    – SwissEagle
    Jul 25 '13 at 13:50
  • The answer is: Ubuntu GNU/Linux Advanced options for Ubuntu GNU/Linux Memory test (memtest86+) Memory test (memtest86+, serial console 115200) Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1) Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)
    – SwissEagle
    Jul 25 '13 at 14:02
  • @SwissEagle What is the result of grep -E '^menuentry|^submenu' /boot/grub/grub.cfg | cut -d '"' -f2 | cut -d "'" -f2 command? Jul 25 '13 at 14:03
  • The answer to your last question is just above it. Anyway, thanks again for helping. I did it all again. The Grub shows "Ubuntu" but the next page still displays "Kubuntu 13.04" (even if everything is proper "Ubuntu" after this).
    – SwissEagle
    Jul 25 '13 at 14:10
  • @SwissEagle I edited my answer. Jul 25 '13 at 14:23

The problem might be the kernel and initrd images (vmlinuz-* , initrd.img-* ). Try reinstalling your kernels and it might fix the problem.

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