I have an ext3 partition I would like to share with windows. I have the ext2fsd driver for windows, which works great. I can view all of my ubuntu files from windows. The only problem is that I don't have write access to this partition. Is there any way I can give all permissions to everything so that I can write from windows? I don't really mind giving up security on the partition, so any suggestions are appreciated.


What I suggest you do is to find the folder you need, and mark it 'anyone can read/write'
So run 'chmod -R 0776 /path/to/folder' in terminal to free up permissions

While I do not suggest it, Doing a quick 'chmod -R 0777 /' should unlock every file on the partition...
But this might mess up some things and cause programs to go "WHOA THERE" I'm looking at you SSHD

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