I'm a new ubuntu user and installed 13.04 on a computer that used to run on xp. Since I installed Ubuntu I had some troubles: Unity is not launching: so i use the gnome interface The flashplayer-plugin was installed but it isn't working on chromium or Firefox. I got this image (it might not show: the website tells me I need 10 reputation): this is the image url: https://01.org/sites/default/files/users/u5193/capture_du_2013-07-23_112436.png

My graphic card wasn't recognised in Configuration>details so I tried these:

  • I tried using the mesa-utils

  • I tought it might be the driver. I updated the drivers with the
    linux graphic installer.

BUT didn't get any change:

  • Flash still glitching

  • Graphic card/controller remains unknown

The graphic card is a 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller The current settings are:

  • bits: 32 bits

  • clock: 33MHz

  • fonctionnalités: pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom

  • configuration: driver=i915 latency=0

  • ressources: irq:16 mémoire:f0000000-f7ffffff mémoire:ff280000-ff2fffff portE/S:ec00(taille=8)


For the graphics card to be recognized in Configuration → Details, execute the following command in a terminal

sudo apt-get install mesa-utils 

As for the flash-player problem it's a little bit difficult to get any help. Flash player is not an Ubuntu's project, is Adobe's project and currently Adobe dropped flash player support for Linux.

I would suggest two things.

The first called minitube.

sudo apt-get install minitube 

The second called google-chrome.

Download and install it from Google's site.

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