Alright, I have been reading the documentation I don't know if I missed it but how can I put the channel list (the people in the channel) to the right side like this theme here



Search for nicklist.pl on http://scripts.irssi.org/.

EDIT: this is some help about its use: http://wouter.coekaerts.be/site/irssi/nicklist


In addition to 'enzotibs' correct answer some more detailed information:

  1. Download the nicklist.pl script directly here, or use scripts.irssi.org.
  2. Now you can put the downloaded nicklist.pl script into ~/.irssi/scripts/.
  3. Make an alias of nicklist.pl and put the alias into ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun, then change its name to nicklist.pl again.
  4. Now open a terminal window and download screen:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install screen

  5. Now open another terminal window and type:

    screen irssi
    /nicklist screen
    /server servername.blah
    /join #channel

  6. Now you should have exactly what you asked for!

Some more information on how to handle .pl scripts in irssi:

Q: How do I run scripts?
A: Put them into ~/.irssi/scripts/ and in irssi do /script load script.pl. There is a default alias for /script load to /run in newer versions of irssi.

Q: How do I rerun scripts?
A: Just do /script load script.pl

Q: How do I unload scripts?
A: Just do /script unload script.pl

Q: How do I run scripts automatically at startup?
A: Put them into ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory. Or better would be if you placed them in ~/.irssi/scripts/ and created symlinks to autorun directory (eg. cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ ; ln -s ../script.pl)

Q: Is there an easy way of managing script?
A: Try scriptassist.pl, it can update and manage your scripts as well as install new ones and search the database.

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