I have installed Eset antivirus as per the instructions given here All is working well but instead of gui I want to have a responsive terminal option available too thus I created a symlink via:

sudo ln -s /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan /bin/eset

now I can siimply run eset <destination> along with further flags to get the job done. Provided the eset by default scan all subdirectories in said destination I want to hava a nautilus script that sits in my context & whenever I want I right-click a folder (& using this script) be able to scan that folder.

Of coarse I want the terminal to remain open so that I can see the progress & logs, in my attempts the scan initiates but as soon as it is done terminal quits :(


So, the only thing you like is for the terminal to remain there after the scan completed? That's pretty easy. In the last line of your script add the command read.



....Your script....



I am not sure if my answer will still be relevant, since You posted Your question quite some time ago...

Nevertheless, I was wondering the same and came up with a solution I would like to share with others who would like to achieve the same:

(tested on Ubuntu-gnome 16.04 LTS, 4.4.0-62-generic)

1.) Enable eset-NOD32 scan via the command terminal (as already posted by OP)

Add a symbolic link in /bin to the default installation directory ( /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan) to allow for the execution of 'esets_scan' via the terminal command 'esets /DIRECTORY':

sudo ln -s /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan /bin/eset

2.) Configure nautilus-actions to enable threat-scanning via 'right-click'

[Note: for this to work You will have to use the nautilus file manager.]

Install the nautilus file manager configuration tool: nautilus-actions

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

Once installed, we open nautilus-actions and configure the 'Eset-ThreatScan' action:

  • create a new action (click on the '+')
  • go to the 'Action' tab. Under 'Nautilus Item' check following options:
    • 'Display item in selection context menu'
    • Context label: type in 'Eset-ThreatScan'
    • 'Display item in the toolbar
    • 'Use same label for icon in the toolbar'
  • go to the 'Command' tab. Under 'Command' enter the following specifications
    • Path: eset
    • Parameters: %B
    • Working directory: %d
  • go to the 'Execution' tab. Under 'Execution mode' check the following:
    • 'Display output'

Save the configuration by clicking on the menu: 'File'>'Save'.

Close nautilus actions and restart nautilus (you may need to pkill nautilus):

pkill nautilus

3.) Scan with eset via right-click

Simply 'right-click' on a selection (i.e. selected [multiple] folders or files) and select 'Nautilus Action actions'>'Eset - ThreatScan' in the in the up-popping 'right-click' menu.

The scan will be running silently in the background. Once the scan is finished, a pop-up will appear displaying the output-streams (including summary, errors and scan results, so the same as when run via the terminal). You can close the pop-up by either clicking on 'OK', or pressing 'Alt'+'F4.

Hope this helps making Your life easier. Cheers.

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