I have a rather interesting problem. I've been having an issue with LO for some time now, sometimes it does not allow me to save documents, giving me a warning saying "Cannot Save File: locked by 'unnknown user'" or someting similar. Now when I want to save the text in the document and paste it into a new file to workaround the issue [this has worked two or three times] I cannot paste to the new .odt file I created. I also cannot paste into any other application, be it gedit or a browser using Google Docs. I am sort of lost here, as I really need the text from my clipboard. What can I do?


Try this.

With the document closed, look in the folder which contains it. If there is a lock file associated with the document, delete it.

Also, there may be one in ~/.config or ~/.libreoffice/X

Replace the X with your libreoffice version. Make sure that you're able to view hidden files, to be able to find the one you're looking for.

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