Is there a way to fix the ugly fonts in NetBeans that REALLY WORKS on Ubuntu 13.04 and NetBeans 7.3.1? I tried everything I could find on this topic but nothing worked for me.

Please don't tell me to do any of these, as I've tried them all:

Also I'm not interested in just changing the editor font as that doesn't really solve the problem.


This should fix ugly fonts in Eclipse/Netbeans/Jetbrains:

sudo apt-get remove fonts-unfonts-core

Best, M


To use the system fonts into the netbeans you need to append a code into the netbeans_default_options present in the netbeans.conf file.

The code is below:


Simplest way I found is using the Nimbus lnf through the build in Options

Options > Miscellaneous > Windows > Preferred look and feel: [ Nimbus ] (needs restart)

Don't try to change the lnf with the --lnf Nimbus command line switch. Also do not use the Dynamic Look and Feel Changer Plugin, which will destroy the Coloring of Nimbus in netBeans

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