I added Linux Deepin repository to Ubuntu but I don't install anything. I used this commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

and everything on Ubuntu went wrong. I guess part of Ubuntu updated from Linux Deepin repository and now I don't know how to make a roll back on the changes.


I'm assuming "Linux Deepin" broke most of the system files. I would suggest reinstallation since your system is now unusable, according to an answer you wrote (which should have been a comment).


Reinstalling 'ubuntu-desktop' or 'dde-meta-core' may solve your problem.

But apt-get may not be able to work (happened with me), use aptitude instead :)

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop


sudo aptitude install dde-meta-core

But you will not be able to keep both of them... It's a compiz package conflict.., I think! I'm also searching for a better solution.. Plz.. post any solution you found to be useful

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