Is there a way to align desktop icons to (a vertical AND horizontal) grid. like in Windows for example.


Right click on desktop, and check 'keep aligned'. This automatically snaps the icons to grid.

enter image description here

  • o. i see. Are there any settings that align icons automatically? – Stann Mar 26 '11 at 15:18

I wrote iconic to let you define a grid size to suit your needs. Additionally it will:

  • Allow you to move icons to any of three monitors
  • Not suffer the "lost icon syndrome" that occurs when monitors of multiple resolutions are used
  • Sort icons alphabetically, alphabetically with "Link to" prefix ignored, sort by modified date ascending or date descending
  • Allow different grid size (columns x rows) depending on monitor, EG more on 4K monitor than 2K monitor
  • Instant Test button for quick experimentation on column x row changes or reserved space changes for monitor left, top, right or bottom areas
  • Test button will last for x seconds defined by you, clear all windows before test and restore them after test
  • Bash script for easy modifications

You can get the script on github.

Here's the main screen:

iconic main menu.png

Visit the github page for iconic to see all the other screens, explanations and a copy of the script.

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