I am using Ubuntu 13.04...having ALSA sound problems with Python.

  1. using aplay, I can play a *.wav from the command line - works fine
  2. other apps using sound card - work fine
  3. I am using Python 2.7; I have installed several Python alsa packages.... but not working for me

Here is what I currently have, regarding ALSA:

sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep alsa

alsa-base                           install
alsa-utils                  install
bluez-alsa:i386                 install
gnome-alsamixer                 install
gstreamer0.10-alsa:i386             install
gstreamer1.0-alsa:i386              install
python-alsaaudio                        install
python-pyalsa                   install

I could send along lots of others info but not sure relevant.

If you could make a few suggestions of things to check, I will get busy...

Not working -> 1) python gives no errors, plays the file, I hear no sound. 2) from the Desktop, go to Sound, Test -> works fine 3) from the command line, use aplay + way file, works fine

Conclusion: Python2.7 + Ubuntu + ALSA -> does not work -> does not play the WAV sound file correctly -> I hear nothing


I wrote a simple python2/python3 program to use mpg321 and/or aplay for Raspberry Pi using Whezzy- side note added GUI buttons to start and stop audio

in python os.system('aplay Song.wav &')

must use & or it does not work not sure why

for mpg321 os.system('mpg321 Song.mp3 &')

Check your master volume if you do not hear anything from command line amixer cset numid=1 80% to increase volume

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