I have an .odt document I have converted to .pdf, with many different sections, subsections, subsubsections, etc.. In the PDF I want to create a nice bookmark table to easily navigate the document.

The good part is the sections I need bookmarked are either bolded or italized which is different from all text of the document. Presently I'm bookmarking one by one which will take a number of hours but I have no idea where to look for a program to do this task or how to start with scripting this.

Even a program on Windows would help - I guessing it's against the rules to mention Windows, but by some off-chance something like this exists it would save me hours. I'm assuming it doesn't and the only way would have to be by way of a script into a pipe. So if anyone knows how to go about this it would be most appreciated.

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Use Headings!

You shouldn't be using bold and italics for the sections/subsections. Bold and italics should be used to emphasize text only.

To denote the different levels of the document, use headings. When you convert to PDF they will be autobookmarked for you.

In LibreOffice:

To the left of the dropdown menu for fonts is a dropdown for applying different styles. Use heading 1 for the highest level sections, heading 2 for subsections, heading 3 for subsubsections, etc.

You can modify the style of each of these headings easily by using the "Style and Formatting" toolbar. Press F11, find the style you wish to edit, right-click and select "modify".

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