I am a very green to Linux. I am now taking a course at my studies basic of Linux. As part of my assessment I need to do some Perl scripts and C shell. But also we have been asked to build a GUI app that will launch those scripts providing them as an input the strings the user will enter via GUI.

I am familiar with C, C# and Java: what is the best way for me to develop a simple GUI in IDE that you just grab a button or whatever you need and place it on your screen and then just code? (I'm running Ubuntu 64-bit.)

  • This is not the right place to ask that kind of thing; please consider reading the FAQ. – Anto Jul 11 '13 at 23:07

You can work with both languages in Eclipse (gui software development) with the Epic IDE plugin. Eclipse also supports Java. If you want to use C# in eclipse I would recommend the Emonic plugin

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