I have just done a fresh install of 12.04.2 and found out that i could not ssh to this PC. I tried to install openssh-server but it said that "Package openssh-server is not available..." What is missing?


Open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

If that doesn't work, open the Ubuntu Software Center and browse to Edit -> Software Sources -> Ubuntu Software tab, and make sure that you have at least the main, universe and multiverse repositories marked with a check mark.

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    Yes I did that "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" before and it was saying the same. The problem was I was just doing a apt-get upgrade and not a update. After I did a update and ran the same command it worked. – Naten Baptista Jul 10 '13 at 10:39

Go to the Ubuntu Software Centre and browse to the Edit -> Software Sources -> Ubuntu Software tab. Then select Other -> Select Best Server under Download From.

Afterwards run in a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Follow the on-screen instructions. This will resolve the issue.

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I was following the advice to remove and re-install openssh-server via CLI, but got an error saying the package was not available.

Update apt-get then tried again with success.

So, the sequence that succeeded was:

sudo apt-get remove openssh-client openssh-server
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openssh-server
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  • lol wtf removal of ssh client will break almost every packet in your system – scythargon May 21 '14 at 7:47

I had the same problem because in installed Ubuntu on a virtual machine, but i didn't connect it to internet because i used a private switch. I just changed the switch and connect it to internet with a private switch. After that i changed the sources code and chose one for my case (Germany). Now it working. You can try the same and i hope everything gonna for you too. (Don't forget to run the update)


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If all else fails you can find the package available for your distribution via the under-utilized Ubuntu Package Search

In your case it will be found here.

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