I'm experiencing problems with CTRL+ALT+ANY LETTER shortcuts.

For example the "Lock screen" shortcut wich is CTRL+ALT+L works only when I press the keys in ALT+CTRL+L order. It doesn't work when the CTRL button was pressed first.

A workaround for the issue it to turn off the NumLock, but it doesn't seem to me a good solution because I use the keypad very often.

The shortcuts have been working fine a day ago. I changed one of them in the settings, but I didn't change anything else.

Is there any solution for the problem, or a way to restore back default keyboard shortcuts? I want the keyboard shortcuts work no matter what order the keys has been pressed.

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Finally found it. One of the shortcuts has contained the Mod2 key. I don't even know which key Mod2 is but after removal of the shortcut all works fine.

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