I have installed mscorefonts from Ubuntu Software Center. But I can't find them neither:

in /etc/fonts/ nor

in /usr/local/ nor

in /usr/local/share/fonts/.

Also I can't find any info about installed fonts in the Installed of Ubuntu Software Center. No any changes were made in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf.

Where does Ubuntu Software Center install fonts?

Why they are not present in Installed of Ubuntu Software Center?

How may I find out where does Ubuntu Software Center install something on my computer?

  • They might not be listed under installed software because they are listed as a utility/library package (which users normally wouldn't know or care about) rather than an application package. – Richard Jul 7 '13 at 15:11

You can use a more advanced package manager frontend like synaptic to get a list of files a certain package has installed. Simply open synaptic, find the package you are interested in, right click and select Properties (I think - I'm using the German localisation). The window that opens should have a tab labelled 'Installed files'.

If you aren't afraid of the command line, there's a tool called apt-file that shows files in packages, even if they aren't installed.


So far I found them in


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