My mouse suddenly stopped working on my Ubuntu plex server v12.04 LTS. It still works as a remote plex server so I'm not too concerned. But I did try to login locally with it and ran htop to see if I could find out what was going on. Then I went to the /proc directory and did a ls -la and low and behold surrounded by a bunch of "0" byte files and folders the kcore file reads as:

140,737,486,266,368 = 140 petabytes

what's up with this?

screen shot of the ls -la directory listing with this huge file


This is only about your /proc and not about your mouse since you asked about /proc

You're off by a thousand, since the size is in bytes. According to Novell knowledge base, the kcore file is all the addressable memory of the kernel. The size correspond to the arcitecture limits and you have a 64 bit linux-system with a 128TiB kcore.

As with most files under /proc/, it's a virtual file and it's not wise to do anything with it.

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