I know about wget -c option to allow resuming resumable download, but can I do multiple resumable download with wget or another command line tool?


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Aria2 is the best and most powerful command line download tool. It can do everything wget can and much more.


Aria2 is also used as a plugin with uGet so one can use the power of aria2 with the user-friendly GUI of uGet.



Do you mean this ?

For example you want to download multiple files (which are unknown) from an homepage :

wget -rvi * http://homepage.com

v is for verbose, r is for recursive and i is for file with following feature/attribute - here feature/attribute is: * for arbitrary files.

First to say : not every domain is allowing wget.

Second to say : if you want any files, you could download some traps too ...

Here is little overview of else commands to work with :


Somebody told me that scp would be safer and perform more stable downloads than wget.

  • scp requires SSH to be set up though.
    – icedwater
    Jul 6, 2013 at 17:47

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