I have been interested in zram so I tried to test it. But as I continue to read the guide on what and how to install it, I have realized that it creates a file /dev/zram0 and mounts it as a swap, I use mount to know it. I have set the swappiness of the OS on a value of 10. Will this affect the chances that zram will be used? If yes, do I have to set it on a higher value?

  1. mount doesn't show swap devices, swapon -s does.
  2. How did you "install" it? On Ubuntu zram-config does everything.
  3. How do you expect to test it?
  4. It works if your system doesn't immediately die.
  5. vm.swappiness sets the "chances" of swap devices being used. swapon -s again tells you what is being used.
$ swapon -s
Filename                Type        Size    Used    Priority
/dev/sda6                               partition   1952764 0   -1
/dev/zram0                              partition   705000  21660   5
/dev/zram1                              partition   705000  21624   5

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