When you build a deb how do you make it so arch independent data such as plugin files to be packaged into a separated .deb?


I did this yesterday for the Inkscape PPA. It's the first multiple-binary package I've written so I'm not 100% sure I've done things correctly, but basically there are two steps...

  1. Add an arch-independent binary (whatever-plugins) package description into your debian/control file
  2. Update the dependencies in your debian/control file so that your new whatever-plugins package is recommended/suggested by anything that needs it
  3. Replace your debian/install file with separate debian/whatever.install and debian/whatever-plugins.install files, specifying which files should be part of each package.

There is also some fairly sparse documentation available in the Debian developers' reference and maintainer's guide. Would love to know if anyone else has found detailed documentation.

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