I have a Samsung NP740U3E with pre-installed Windows 8 (boots with UEFI). I installed Ubuntu 13.04 without problems. Later, Windows 8 did a BIOS update which messed up everything, nothing would boot. I recovered everything and went back to fabric settings.

Now Windows 8 works fine, but when I try to install Ubuntu it does not detect any operating system, so I can`t install Ubuntu alongside Windows.

I`ve googled as much as I can, ran a boot-repair, disabled fast- and secure-boot. I have a GPT disc, been looking into gdisk without luck.

Here`s my boot-repair summary http://paste.ubuntu.com/5835719/

Is it necessary to convert the GPT disc to MBR? Is it possible to hard-reset the disc "even more" than fabric settings?

Thanks in advance.


First, "fabric" is a flexible material used for making clothes, drapes, bedsheets, etc. Based on context, I suspect you mean "factory" or "default," not "fabric."

Second, you made things much harder for yourself by re-installing everything. You could have used an emergency boot disc like rEFInd's CD-R or USB flash drive image to get an OS or EFI shell booted, then used a utility like efibootmgr (in Linux), bcdedit (in Windows), or bcfg (in an EFI shell) to re-register your preferred boot loader(s) with the EFI. This approach requires a certain amount of know-how, but it's much easier than re-installing everything. You're well past the point where this remains an option, though. I mention it so you can keep less radical solutions in mind in the future.

Given where you are, it's not 100% clear to me precisely what's failing or why. I recommend you try the (poorly named) "something else" option when the Ubuntu installer gets to the point of asking how to install. That should enable you to re-size your existing partitions and create new ones for Linux. If the Ubuntu partitioner claims that your disk is empty, then that indicates a damaged partition table or leftover RAID data. I see no evidence of a damaged partition table in your Boot Info Script output, but I may have overlooked something.


well I am not sure but hope this will work for you.

boot with the live CD of ubuntu. now use the gparted to shrink the window partition. create a new partition for linux and try to install ubuntu in that. I hope in this way both may exist. There could be a problem after that the system boot into the ubuntu only. but you can repair the grub afterwards.

I expect this to work. Had somewhat similar problem when i bought new laptop.

please note that dont try to mess with GPT using windows boot disc. it may corrupt your file system. good luck.


This may sound basic (apologies if it does...) But the fact that you stated "pre-installed Windows 8" sorta indicates you may NOT have a windows rescue disk, yes? if your data has at least $79 worth of value to you, go to pricewatch.com and pick up an extra 2 terabyte drive to do a backup right away. You can burn SystemRescue to a USB stick, http://www.sysresccd.org/Sysresccd-manual-en_How_to_install_SystemRescueCd_on_an_USB-stick

then use fsarchiver to do a complete drive image backup (comes with SystemRescue). http://www.fsarchiver.org/QuickStart

With systemRescue, you'll be able to use Gparted (boot into graphical mode) to reformat your 32Gb partition, /dev/sdb1 then try re-installing Ubuntu.


I'm not sure if this will help you, but if I were you I will make a free space from windows Disk Manager , and try to install ubuntu on it.

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