While installing Ubuntu, I accidentally hit the high contrast option. I could not figure out how to disable it within the install, so I let it complete.

I booted up into Ubuntu 13.04 and high contrast was still on. I disabled it in Universal Access, and now am noticing my mouse cursor is huge in web browsers.

This is very much a stock install.

Is there a setting to disable the HUGE mouse? I mean the thing is 4 times the size of text etc on normal pages.

Looks like it's in everything with text.. terminal, app store, folders and files...


Using a graphic interface:

  1. Install Unity Tweak Tool
  2. Run Unity Tweak Tool → Cursors: Uncheck Use Large Cursors

Otherwise, a quick fix:

  1. Open terminal Ctrl+Alt+t
  2. Run:

    dconf reset /org/gnome/desktop/interface/cursor-size

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