I ran the latest updates and as usual I had to re-install my video driver, download the headers and blah blah...

I ran into a few troubles that I was able to fix and at the end I got my Ubuntu up and running, Unity working, OpenGl working without a single problem... games running fine but wait.

I have only 1 worspace ! oooh no problem, lets ccsm to fix that... nope it has no effect. Well, we can activate the workspaces on dash --> Appearance... nope, nothing happends.

Oooooh yea, the dconf editor !! I will force those workspaces thru that method aaaaaand :/ nothing once again. :(

Maybe im missing something, maybe I missed something in this forum... but I cant find a way to fix those worspaces. I can only have 1 and thats it.

Does anyone had thtis problem before? Can I has my workspaces back? I only need 4 :(

  • I forgot to point out the fact that if I change the icon size inside appearance window... same result; nothing happends.
    – Solrac
    Jun 30, 2013 at 1:08

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I managed to get my workspaces back :D

Solution is:

1.- Export your compiz config thru ccsm (if you lack of it just sudo apt-get install ccsm). 2.- Find the [core] section. 3.- Set the amount of workspaces with:

s0_hsize = 2
s0_vsize = 2

4.- Import your config back to compiz. 5.- Enjoy your workspaces.

This has to be done this way because ccsm lacks of some settings... this is one of them.

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