Can the shell (command line) display GUI generated commands?


  1. Go to: Applications => Programming => Netbeans

  2. When Netbeans starts I want to see in shell $ netbeans / gksu netbeans

  3. (Edit) When I doing with netbeans svn update I want to see this in shell

Edit: Netbeans only example


  • What would you like to do? Run a script when an application is started? – Lekensteyn Mar 21 '11 at 12:53

You can configure the Netbeans menu item run netbeans in a visible terminal window:

  1. Right-click the Applications menu and then click Edit Menus.
  2. On the Programming menu, select Netbeans and then click Properties.
  3. Change the Type to Application in Terminal and then click Close.

It might take a minute for the menu to be updated with the new settings. If you're impatient, try running killall gnome-panel to force a reload.

Tip: To make the terminal window stay open after Netbeans has closed, use the menu editor again to change the Netbeans menu item's command from netbeans to sh -c 'netbeans ; bash'.


You can also use top or htop to display running services. You can do a search for netbeans in there?

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