I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a run-of-the-mill Dell desktop computer.

I have a Wyse WY-60 serial terminal hooked up to the serial port (ttyS0).

When the terminal is in VT100 emulation mode, and agetty is set to use VT100 emulation, all features work as they should. This is my /etc/init/ttyS0.conf file:

exec /sbin/agetty -hL 19200 ttyS0 vt100

But when I try to put the terminal in any other emulation (i.e. Wyse 50, Adds A2, etc.), and change the corresponding part of that agetty line, the terminal doesn't work correctly (displays a bunch of escape-sequence garbage on commands like ls).

In other words, I change the Wyse terminal's emulation in its internal setup utility, then change /etc/init/ttyS0.conf to the following:

exec /sbin/agetty -hL 19200 ttyS0 wyse50


exec /sbin/agetty -hL 19200 ttyS0 wy50

I do have terminfo defitions stored for this and a million other models of terminal, in all 3 or 4 places where the terminfo library is stored on Ubuntu. So what's up with this not working? I want to be able to add some more dumb terminals to my system, such as the Wyse WY-30 and WY-50, which are not capable of VT100 emulation.

Can't get it to work with Wyse-50, ADDS Viewpoint 60, Adds A2, IBM-PC, or any other terminal emulation besides VT100.

  • Is the TERM environment variable set correctly after you log in on that tty? echo "$TERM" – geirha Jun 26 '13 at 21:37
  • Yes, typing that on the terminal causes it to print the same thing I have in the /etc/init/ttyS0.conf file – Skylar Strickland Jun 26 '13 at 22:05
  • Did you ever have any luck resolving this? – user280668 May 12 '14 at 3:18
  • No. This is a problem with Ubuntu. – Skylar Strickland Jul 25 '14 at 3:40

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