I would like to include a zenity progress bar for this part of my script:

zenity --question --title "GUI" --text "Sync Music to iPad?"
    if [[ $? == 0 ]] ; then
    scp -r "$FOLDER" root@
    ssh root@ 'rm /var/mobile/Media/Music/"All Songs"/*'
    ssh root@ 'find /var/mobile/Media/Music/ -name "*.mp3" -exec ln -s {} /var/mobile/Media/Music/"All

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According to GNOME Documentation, it looks like --progress should get you what you're looking for.


I've used a simple zenity progress like this:

yes|zenity --progress --pulsate --text="Doing the job" --timeout 5

or perhaps with a:

kill $(pidof zenity)

after completion.

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