This is the biggest thing I miss from Gnome 2 – the world map with daylight and location markers of favourite cities, followed by a list of timezones with weather status! Shame on whoever thought it was a good idea to get rid of this awesome feature:

Calendar with world map and timezones.

How do I bring some or all of it back? Is there any such Gnome 3 shell extension? Is there any way for Unity or other graphical shells?

  • We can always start a git repo, learn basics of widgets in gnome 3 and create a copy ;) – Bruno Finger Jul 27 '16 at 13:30

Try the Mate desktop, the only thing I'm aware of that still supports it. I recommend Ubuntu Mate.

Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS

Available at https://ubuntu-mate.org/

Of course you can install Mate on other flavors/versions with:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop

Although it will be missing a few niceties such as a searchable menu and dark theme.


For Unity (Ubuntu 14.04) I'd suggest a two-pronged approach:

1) Under the Time & Date settings, Clock tab, you can add other locations. No pretty world map but at least you'll have the date/time in other places.

2) Install either my-weather-indicator or indicator-weather, both found here and add an alternate location.

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