I use an Acer Aspire One with Xubuntu (12.04). Last night I installed a few updates, only the security ones because it was late. It finished OK with a message about needing to restart for the changes to be effective.

Today I have 3 issues:

The first is that network manager is misbehaving. The network icon is 2 little arrows.
Hovering over it gives the help text: Networking disabled. Clicking on it says: NetworkManager is not running... and a right click shows a limited menu (3 lines) with only one option not greyed out: Edit connections.

If I check with service network-manager start, it says start: Job is already running: network-manager. I tried to stop then, restart. The networking icon hasn't changed, but the messages are different: Hovering over it is still the same (networking disabled) but with left click it says No network devices are available (in grey) and I can click on VPN connections. While on right click it gives the same menu as previously, but now the greyed out Enable networking has a tick in front of it.

I searched online, and the closest I found was this. Although I am not running Mate.

The second problem is that when I click on the Shutdown icon I get an error window:

Unable to perform shutdown
Shutdown command failed  

And I can only click on Quit or hit enter, which brings me to a login screen. Attempts to shutdown from there fail too. I can however shutdown by typing sudo shutdown -P 0 in a Terminal.

Finally, the USB ports do not work, in as much as I cannot mount anything inserted. The memory slot does not work either. As I only noticed this last issue after posting my original question I will go and search online some more to see if I can revert to the pre-upgrade situation without going online nor using a USB port.

Many thanks



OK, I am a fool.
The solution was to run Update Manager again. It complained about some half-unpacked packages then about the lack of internet connection so that the update could not be completed. This seems to have cleared something, maybe reverted the unfinished update.
I then attempted a restart, which failed (same as when I could not shutdown) but upon loging in from the login screen I could then initiate a succesfull restart and my little laptop is back up and running.

I wrote that I was a fool because although I thought I could shutdown after running Update Manager and it would finish its business when I next turned on, I should have opted for the proposed restart then, and none of this would have happened.

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