I installed simultaneously Win7 in a machine with Ubuntu. Now i want to enter to Ubuntu but it always gets me to the Windows side.

I know I have to use a bootable USB but I don't know the version of ubuntu to use the correct ISO image.

Any ideas?

Thanks (:


If you installed Windows 7 after you installed Ubuntu, you probably did 1 of 2 things:

You either installed Windows 7 over Ubuntu and deleted everything, or when you installed Windows 7 in a separate partition you overwrote the Grub bootloader. If the first was the case, then you'll need to reinstall Ubuntu and Windows 7 on separate partitions. If the latter, you'll probably want to see this answer. Summarily, you can just boot into your Windows environment, go here and get the latest version of Grub4dos, and install it on the hard drive that you installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu on.

  1. Run Boot-Repair --> Create Boot-Info Summary .
  2. Look at the log created. This will indicates which Ubuntu version you have on your disk.

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