I am trying to find a way to launch SMath without the terminal. Currently I can only launch it through the terminal with

sudo mono /usr/local/SMath/SMathStudio_Desktop.exe

How can I lock it to the launcher on the side so it is easier to start. Please note that I am very new to Linux.


You can create a shortcut on the Desktop by using gnome-desktop-item-edit in terminal as follow (note that if you don't have installed the package gnome-desktop-item-edit, you must be install first, so if you have gnome-shell or gnome-tweak-tool installed, then it is installed automatically):

gnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/Desktop

This will start the dialog (Create Launcher):

Create Launcher

Insert for Name any name you want (for example 'SMath') and for Command sudo mono /usr/local/SMath/SMathStudio_Desktop.exe and press Ok.

You can put this .desktop file in any folder, and then drag and drop to the Launcher.


Thanks to Binarylife for this answer.

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