I have noticed a bug in 13.04 when I minimize something I press the minimize button it doesn’t want to minimize or will start to hang and won't go anywhere until I press ctrlaltdel

In three different laptops that I tried Ubuntu in it did the same thing and also happened.

I would like an step by step instructions on how to run an install file with the chmod things because I am trying to install a program called cool vl viewer for second life and the page doesn’t give me a guide to install. I'm just asking about the bug because I don’t know if anyone else has experienced it and also asking how to install that program.

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    Ask a separate question for the separate question. – poolie Jun 19 '13 at 0:38

It's most likely a driver issue/gpu issue. Or corrupted install.

May I ask what the system specs are for one of the laptops? Usually you need to manually install GPU drivers, and preferably the proprietary ones (as in the ones AMD or nVidia support, as open source drivers are ok, but not the best).

In my case, before I updated to proprietary drivers on my desktop (I'm running on an old old GPU, a Quardro FX 560), I couldn't open the dashboard without it crashing the entire OS.

Or you could try something like metacity or something other than Unity, as Unity tends to have issues on older machines.

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