There is this output every passing minute - one time - in syslog:

CRON[15164]: (root) CMD (/usr/bin/test -x /usr/sbin/autodns-dhcp_cron && /usr/sbin/autodns-dhcp_cron)

What does this mean ?


You installed autodns-dhcp, a tool that tries to update the DNS record for your computer when you are using DHCP. In that case it is possible that your IP-address changes and so the record would point to a wrong IP address.

The line you showed us does two things:

  1. it checks if the file /usr/sbin/autodns-dhcp_cron exists (the /usr/bin/test -x /usr/sbin/autodns-dhcp_cron part)
  2. if it exists it executes that script

It means you have installed "autodns-dhcp".

Package description:

Description: Automatic DNS updates for DHCP

autodns-dhcp uses bind's dynamic update features to update a zonefile with hostnames from the dhcp leases file, this is done just once for each hostname as the IP, MAC address and name are settled on the dhcp configuration to have an static zone.

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