Both Gmail and Chrome browser tell me I need to enable JavaScript. How do I do this. Did not find anything in Software Center.


JavaScript is a web browser's feature, not a software you can install.

If you're using Firefox, select Preferences in Edit menu, then click Contents icon and check Permit JavaScript.


Install Google Chrome from official source, then click on "Settings" → "Show advanced settings" → "Content Settings" → "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)"


Updating as things seem to have changed. In Firefox, JavaScript is enabled by default, because hardly anything works without JS these days.

To disable it, or check it is enabled, type about:config in the URL field and confirm that you are not scared of dragons.

Search for JavaScript:enabled. If it says true in the right hand column, JS is enabled.

To change the setting, click on it and then click Toggle. true will change to false or vice versa.

Please be careful with about:config. Stuff can break.


There is a Chrome extension for this: Quick Javascript Switcher

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