How can I have Google Chrome Canary for Ubuntu?

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As stated in the site you linked, Canary builds are not available for Linux.

The only release channels available for Linux are: Stable, Beta and Dev.

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The reason for that is explained here:

Thanks for your interesting in testing out the latest and greatest builds of Chrome. There are logistical challenges that make creating/ deploying Linux bundles prohibitively expensive to do on a daily basis, which effectively makes a Linux Canary fairly unlikely for the foreseeable future. I'd encourage the community to use the PPA builds, those are fundamentally the same as what we would build save for a couple of plugins (PDF, Flash, FFMpeg).

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Anthony Laforge Technical Program Manager Mountain View, CA


Fallback place:


As the date of today 2019-02-07, this binary is Version 74.0.3697.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit)


Chromium Dev seria como Canary


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