I want to configure NAT for my network of 10 computers so that the data is transmitted via a single pc.

Can anyone give a good tutorial for it?


This tutorial is a step-by-step configuration of NAT with iptables:

Configure Nat - 1 Configure Nat - 2

Source: http://www.howtoforge.com/nat_iptables

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    This is mildly okay for RedHat/SUSE but those aren't the right files/settings for Debian or Ubuntu. – Mead Mar 10 '16 at 23:31
  • Please don't use a screenshot of the text. – OrangeDog Jun 6 '17 at 9:51
  • Good! Thank you! – ℛɑƒæĿ Feb 11 at 18:19

There are a few good tutorials out there.



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