I just updated/upgraded (technically dist-upgrade but it was already 13.04) this morning and now my appearance setting is missing. I can select it from the unity menu but nothing happens and it's missing from the settings options. Any ideas how to get it back? I have gnome-control-center-unity installed and the other thing that has happened is that the background for the other settings has turned black. Here are the relevant entries in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ apt.log, apt-term.log and I'm actually not seeing anything in main.log relevant to this - it's all from 5/3/13 instead of today. I'm not entirely sure what other logs could/would be helpful and I'm not sure if this is in fact a bug or if I just screwed something up.

Some other things I've tried:

  • purge and re-install gnome-control-center-unity
  • rm -rf ~/.config/* (a little overkill but I was getting frustrated)
  • purging/removing gnome-shell

Admittedly it's not a requirement to have the appearance settings back but it would make my life a bit more pleasant -I could just install nitrogen or something for wallpaper management but I do enjoy the auto-hide of my old unity set-up for my dual monitors.

  • I was running on this trouble also, if you had found the solution please answer it also by yourself. Meanwhile I'll keep searching on it. Thank so much
    – ksugiarto
    Mar 6, 2014 at 15:40

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You may just try re-install gnome-control-center without -unity

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