I am trying to dig into qdbus for nautilus to get a list of opened tabs; I managed to do this so far:

sites=(`qdbus |grep nautilus -i`);
for siteSrc in ${sites[@]};do
  list=(`qdbus $siteSrc`);
  for path in ${list[@]}; do
    qdbus $siteSrc $path |sed -r "s|.*|$siteSrc $path &|";
done |sort -u #|grep paths -i

for ex.: I was able to get a list of selected files with

qdbus org.gnome.NautilusApplication /org/nautilus_actions/DBus/Tracker/0 org.nautilus_actions.DBus.Tracker.Properties1.GetSelectedPaths

but I cant find a clue for opened tabs locations? (so we can use on scripts to restore them later)


From this answer, I got to this

gdbus introspect -r --session -o / --only-properties -d org.gnome.Nautilus |grep "OpenLocations ="

easier one

qdbus org.gnome.Nautilus /org/freedesktop/FileManager1 org.freedesktop.FileManager1.OpenLocations

Tho to open tabs in nautilus thru command line, to the date, seem impossible.

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