I am trying to know the pid of a function that was run as child process on a script


echo "pid=$$;ppid=$PPID"
ps -p $$
function FUNCtstPsSelf() { 
    sleep 3;
    echo "$FUNCNAME:pid=$$;ppid=$PPID";
    ps -p $$ -o pid,ppid,command; 
sleep 1;

but it can't find the pid! what now?

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Try $BASHPID instead of $$. One of the two occurrences of $$ in the man page is to explain when it differs from $BASHPID, including "subshells that do not require bash to be re-initialized", which may include your background function processes?

  • worked, here a simple example function FUNCtst() { echo "$$,$BASHPID"; };export -f FUNCtst;FUNCtst;FUNCtst&, thx! Jun 9, 2013 at 17:31

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