In lubuntu-rc.xml Lubuntu doesn't have a hotkey to maximize the current window.


Here are some keybindings I use for window control on Lubuntu/LXDE. The first binding is what you're searching for but I thought you might find the other ones useful as well:

<!-- Keybindings for window tiling -->

    <keybind key="C-W-Up">        # FullScreen
      <action name="Maximize"/>
    <keybind key="C-W-Down">        # MiddleScreen
      <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
      <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>center</x><y>center</y><width>50%</width><height>50%</height></action>

    <keybind key="C-W-Left">        # HalfLeftScreen
      <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
      <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>0</x><y>0</y><height>100%</height><width>50%</width></action>
    <keybind key="C-W-Right">        # HalfRightScreen
      <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
      <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>-0</x><y>0</y><height>100%</height><width>50%</width></action>

    <keybind key="C-W-1">        # UpperQuarterLeft
      <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
      <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>0</x><y>0</y><height>50%</height><width>50%</width></action>

    <keybind key="C-W-2">        # LowerQuarterLeft
      <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
      <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>0</x><y>-0</y><height>50%</height><width>50%</width></action>

    <keybind key="C-W-3">        # LowerQuarterRight
      <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
      <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>-0</x><y>-0</y><height>50%</height><width>50%</width></action>

    <keybind key="C-W-4">        # UpperQuarterRight
      <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
      <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>-0</x><y>0</y><height>50%</height><width>50%</width></action>

You might have to tweak the percentages based on whether you use a panel or not.

C-W-Up means CTRL + SUPER +

  • When I push CTRL + ALT + T - started LXTerminal. How I can make all new opening windows in Lubuntu in default open in full size (not F11)? Jun 9 '13 at 18:51
  • I insert your code to my lubuntu-rc.xml before last tag </openbox_config> - after restart this hotkeys not working. Jun 9 '13 at 19:03
  • You will have to insert these bindings somewhere between the <keyboard> </keyboard> tags. </openbox_config> marks the end of the configuration file. Please see here and here for more information. Jun 9 '13 at 20:02
  • As for starting all new windows of a specific application in a maximized state, you can find out more about this here. Jun 9 '13 at 20:03
  • You made my day! Your hotkeys and OBApps work great! Jun 9 '13 at 22:19

For completeness of this thread, I'm going to collate some information from elsewhere.

To edit the config file:

gedit ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

To apply the changes:

openbox --reconfigure

And personally, I want windows key (or super key) + up to toggle maximization and W+down to minimize (or iconify), so I personally change

<keybind key="W-Up">         # HalfUpperScreen
  <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
  <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>0</x><y>0</y><width>100%</width><height>50%</height></action>
<keybind key="W-Down">       # HalfLowerScreen
  <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
  <action name="MoveResizeTo"><x>0</x><y>-0</y><width>100%</width><height>50%</height></action>


<keybind key="W-Up">        # Maximize
  <action name="ToggleMaximize"/>
<keybind key="W-Down">      # Minimize
  <action name="Iconify"/>
  • <action name="ToggleMaximize"/> does not work on lxqt-rc.xml, but halfupper and halflowerscreen work.
    – Timo
    May 19 '21 at 7:46

To open all applications maximized (not full screen as with F11), place the following code between <applications> and </applications> in lubuntu-rc.xml:

<application type="normal">

This code is already present, but is commented out along with a lot of other useful options, in the applications section of lubuntu-rc.xml.

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