I've been trying to download it from the website, using this link: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

I use a 86-bit Ubuntu, but when I download the file, I can't get it to run, and open up. I need someone to show me how to download it, and run correctly.

  • Have a look at This.
    – Mitch
    Jun 8 '13 at 3:47

open terminal use the wget command to download

wget http://dl.4players.de/ts/releases/

First download your package

wget dl.4players.de/ts/releases/

Extract it

tar jxf teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-

Now change to that extracted directory

cd ~/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64

Now you can run the server start script

./ts3server_startscript.sh start

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