in my Lubuntu 13.04 (with Gnome Shell 3.8), Flash videos won't go to full screen in certain Flash players (i.e. on certain sites). - Actually in most players, that means it doesn't work at all. Upon left-click on the fullscreen-button, I see a flicker as if it did got to full-screen, but then it stays standard size, kinda like a pop-up ad being killed by ad-block. - Some players have a "toggle fullscreen" option available on right-click menu, this is the only option that works for me now. In this case, I have to press and hold the right mouse button and release it over the "fullscreen" menu entry. The menu disappears when releasing the mouse button. - Only exception I found so far: Youtube, which works normally with left click on the fullscreen-button. My current Flash-plugin version is I wonder if Gnome Shell might be messing with Flash? Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Edit: this problem is present in Firefox, Opera and Chromium browsers. The graphics card I'm using (as reported in Gnome settings > details) is GeForce 8100/nForce720a/integrated/SSE2

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I found the following solution which worked perfectly for me:

Workaround fo this:

  1. Install devilspie (via Terminal:)

    sudo apt-get install devilspie
  2. Write config for firefox (via Terminal:)

    mkdir ~/.devilspie
    nano ~/.devilspie/flash-fullscreen-firefox.ds
    (is (application_name) "plugin-container")
  3. Make devilspie autostart


Solution from: https://plus.google.com/100368718538258540940/posts/eJWwPj8B4dX (last post)

  • I'm stuck at step 3. How do you make a command line appplication autostart? Remember I'm on Lubuntu 13.04 with Gnome Shell. Jun 14, 2013 at 22:55
  • 1
    here's how I made the autostart work: in Gnome dash, search for "Startprogramme" (means autostart applications - my UI is in German!). In terminal, type: which devilspie , output: /usr/bin/devilspie . In "Startprogramme", click "add" and insert this output in the "command" field. Fullscreen Flash is now working again. Jun 18, 2013 at 18:34

I created a devilspie script to make flash play videos full screen in Chromium and Firefox.

Save the following snippet to a file, make it executable and run it. (Tested on Fedora Linux 19 using yum instead of apt-get)


set -e

sudo yum install devilspie

mkdir -p ~/.devilspie

echo '(if
    (is (application_name) "plugin-container")
        (contains application_name) "chromium-browser")
        (contains application_name) "flash-plugin")
)' > ~/.devilspie/flash_fullscreen.ds

echo '#!/bin/bash

echo "running" > /home/maarten/devilspie.log

while [ true ]; do
done' > ~/.devilspie/devilspie_daemon.sh

chmod a+x ~/.devilspie/devilspie_daemon.sh

mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart

echo '[Desktop Entry]
Name[en_US]=Devilspie Daemon
Name=Devilspie Daemon
Comment[en_US]=Script will continuously restart devilspie if stopped
Comment=Script will continuously restart devilspie if stopped
' > ~/.config/autostart/devilspie_daemon.desktop

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